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Pogo PIN Professional manufacturer for PCBA and all kinds of electronic products,If you have needs, can be selected from the product catalogue below,There will always be a item for you to use.Maybe our price is not the cheapest, but our quality is the best.Because we are gold plated Pogo PIN !!!For your product better conductive, please choose us!!!!!

Pogo Pin Supplier

Our company has various types of Pogo Pins,Such as: SMT,DIP,Soldering style,There are many different size for your choice,After QC to inspection,Each of our products are qualified later to shipment,And have strict conductive detection,As well as the lifetimes test!!!Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

China Pogo pin factory

Cnomax Electronics co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of various Precision Part,Main research and development,production,sales: PogoPin,Spring-Loaded Pogo Pin,Pogo pin connectors,Connectors PIN etc.customer base has: Apple, Sony, HTC, VOLVO, 360, Vtech, Lediso, Philips, Demant, Oticon, ITT, Wermia AB Etc.Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

Spring loaded pin manufacturer

Our company has various types of POGO pins,We are Spring loaded pin manufacturer,We have our own spring production equipment and CNC lathe,Can quickly corresponding to various requirements. Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

Pogo pin connector manufacturer

Our company is Pogo pin connector manufacturer,With many years of production experience,Specializing in the production of gilded Pogo PIN,Have high quality requirements. Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

Why the pogo pin can not charge ?

Why the pogo pin can not charge

2023-9-6 10:22:38 | [Read more...]

Why the pogo pin irreducible ?

So what exactly is the cause of the pogopin spring needle these problems? According to Cnomax pogopin factory more than 10 years of pogopin connector industry experience to analyze, for the above points one by one:

2023-5-4 10:52:23 | [Read more...]

Magnetic Connector

Magnetic Connector

2023-2-24 14:58:38 | [Read more...]

USB Magnetic cable

USB Magnetic cable

2023-2-24 14:57:31 | [Read more...]

Detailed introduction of Pogo pin

About pogo pin connector that uses spring-loaded pins to provide a secure connection between two electronic components. Pogo pins are also known as spring contacts, pogo-pin connectors, pogo-pins, and spring-loaded connectors. They are typically made of stainless steel or brass and feature a plunger-type design with a spring-loaded pin in the center. Pogo pi

2023-2-11 11:45:09 | [Read more...]

Why use a Pogo pin for design?

Why use a Pogo pin for design?

2022-11-17 12:20:47 | [Read more...]

Double end waterproof Pogo pin design

The utility model belongs to the technical field of electronic components, in particular to a double-headed waterproof Pogo PIN.

2022-9-26 16:14:25 | [Read more...]

Pogo Pin waterproof design requirements

With the rapid development of electronic equipment, many intelligent devices have launched the purchase point of high-quality waterproof Pogo PIN is the connector of intelligent equipment, with waterproof function. The waterproof performance of high-quality and high-quality spring pin mainly depends on its power to understand the reason why high-quality spri

2022-9-24 12:10:33 | [Read more...]

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