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Pogo PIN Professional manufacturer for PCBA and all kinds of electronic products,If you have needs, can be selected from the product catalogue below,There will always be a item for you to use.Maybe our price is not the cheapest, but our quality is the best.Because we are gold plated Pogo PIN !!!For your product better conductive, please choose us!!!!!

Pogo Pin Supplier

Our company has various types of Pogo Pins,Such as: SMT,DIP,Soldering style,There are many different size for your choice,After QC to inspection,Each of our products are qualified later to shipment,And have strict conductive detection,As well as the lifetimes test!!!Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

China Pogo pin factory

Cnomax Electronics co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of various Precision Part,Main research and development,production,sales: PogoPin,Spring-Loaded Pogo Pin,Pogo pin connectors,Connectors PIN etc.customer base has: Apple, Sony, HTC, VOLVO, 360, Vtech, Lediso, Philips, Demant, Oticon, ITT, Wermia AB Etc.Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

Spring loaded pin manufacturer

Our company has various types of POGO pins,We are Spring loaded pin manufacturer,We have our own spring production equipment and CNC lathe,Can quickly corresponding to various requirements. Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

Pogo pin connector manufacturer

Our company is Pogo pin connector manufacturer,With many years of production experience,Specializing in the production of gilded Pogo PIN,Have high quality requirements. Sale E-mail: [email protected] (Tel: +86-13652508770)

Why do Pogo Pins use Tape&Reel packaging ?

Packaging tape refers to the plastic Tape&Reel widely used in IC, Pogopin,resistor, inductor, capacitor, connector, fuse, switch, relay, connector, oscillator, two, three audion and other SMT electronic components packaging. According to the use of the carrier can be divided into: IC special carrier, transistor special carrier, SMT LED special carrier, SMT i

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About 4.5mm high 5V 1A Dip type Pogo pin design

Pogo pin, as a special connection part for conduction and signal transmission, is made of special materials, which basically comply with the latest EU Rohs standard, although the production process is complicated. But this does not affect its use value, good conductive characteristics of the engineers have been unanimously praised.

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Why the pogo pin need to gold plating?

Gold plating, is a kind of decorative technology, is also one of the commonly used words. It originally referred to coating the surface of an object with a thin layer of gold. Later, it is also used to describe people who go to a certain environment for further study or exercise just to gain a false reputation.

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How to design high current Pogo pin?

How to design high current Pogo pin? please contact us

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How to Custom all kinds of pogo pin connector?

How to Custom all kinds of pogo pin connector?

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About Pogo pin why we need to do Gold plating effect ?

About Pogo pin why we need to do Gold plating effect ?

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Pogo Pin Design Principle

Pogo Pin Design Principle and Pogo pin type

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About Magnetic pogo pin connector development trend of

About Magnetic pogo pin connector development trend of market competitiveness

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